High-Quality equipment for professionals and those who aim to be one!

We represent a broad front of everything you need in your professional life,in the all of the time developing field of security. We give you quality brands preferred by professionals at a competitive price. Security systems, we provide turnkey service. We install, program and guide the customer to the use of the system.

Performed by a trained security installer.


Favored by professionals in Finland and Europe's largest manufacturer of safety footwear.


Used by professionals around the world.

Lightweight and durable CPE bullet and punctureproof body armor. For all work and why not, for leisure situations aswell.

Absolute cutting edge of product which is developed domestically.


The world famous handcuff manufacturer, with a customer base of more than half of the world's police force.

Cheap and reliable handcuffs.


The security industry's Ferrari, which has also found it's way to Finland. The main focus of our stock is engagement tools and accessories.

Vibsolas GEA

Domestic high-quality high-security technology, for your home, cottage or even a hotel room, completely wirelessly.


IP camera systems are the future of the security industry. Accessible from anywhere, anytime, with almost any smartphone, pda or computer.

Vega Holster

A wide variety in different holsters and belts, for all your professional needs.


High-quality flashlights, for lighting up the dark, perilous world.

Flashlights, batteries and chargers, all you need!