Local and store guarding services

Karhu Security Oy’s guarding services can offer safety in stores and other local sites. Customer service –mindedness and professionalism are very important in all situations where the feeling of safety is being created and in stores, customer satisfaction. Our security guards have a neat appearance and they are very competent thanks to their continuous training.

Customisation makes the service just as the client wants, or actually as the client needs, since each site and its risks and threats are evaluated before signing the contract.

Guarding tasks in stores

  • Camera surveillance
  • Visible guarding
  • Acting as a shop detective
  • Guiding customers
  • Staff controls

Valuables-in-transit services

Do you possess money or valuable items that need to be transferred somewhere else, but you fear something might happen on the way? Let Karhu Security Oy transfer your valuables for you, be it money or valuable items. You will receive guaranteed service that will take responsibility of the safety of your possessions.

Personal protective services

One of Karhu Security Oy’s most versatile services is this special service offered to individual persons and companies – personal protective service, or bodyguarding. The service can be initiated even with short notice to protect the most important thing – your own or your loved one’s life. The bodyguards we employ have comprehensive training and experience in security. We are dedicated to our cause.

Our personal protective service can be unobtrusive or highly visible, depending on the nature of the risks and the customer’s wishes.

No personal protective service assignment is alike, therefore planning the assignments is always individual – each assignment is evaluated individually so that the customer is ensured a satisfactory level of protection.

Crime investigation services / Detective services

Do you want to prevent a crime from taking place? Has one already taken place? Let us help.

Crime prevention is the best way to minimise crime-based losses. Our comprehensive consultation and guarding services help you with crime prevention. If a crime has already taken place, we can help you to make the culprit accountable. Finding evidence and the information from surveillance equipment can help the police to make the culprit accountable and consequently compensation for the losses can be obtained.

For private persons:

  • Investigating infidelity
  • Researching background information and reliability
  • Looking for missing persons or property
  • Obtaining evidence of a crime
  • Monitoring the following of a restraining order
  • Tracking a person (e.g. tracking a child/teenager, so that they don’t do things/go to places without permission)

For companies:

  • Consultation and mapping security risks
  • Test purchases
  • Monitoring tills and premises
  • Monitoring and analysing technical surveillance
  • Prevention and investigation of internal and external losses
  • Finding out if an employee is working somewhere else during sick leave

Circuit security services

Do you need short-term but continuous guarding?

A Karhu Security Oy guard can check your site according to the contract as often and for as long as needed. You also have the option for alarm control, i.e. if you or your staff communicates that a guard is needed or if the alarm system perceive a problem, the guard will arrive to help as soon as possible.

Alarm guarding

Alarm guarding means a short-term and sudden need for guarding. Whatever the reason, if the safety of you or your establishment is endangered, you can contact us so that we can solve the situation by sending in a guard who takes responsibility of the site’s security.

The service is in use 24/7, so contact us if you have any doubts.